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Islington, Zaytoun and Mark Thomas in successful event

December 8th, 2010

The Islington Fairtrade Group and a local Fairtrade business, Zaytoun, successfully co-hosted an evening last Tuesday (30/11/2010) at the Pleasance Theatre.  The event was in support of comedian Mark Thomas who performed his act, Walking the Wall: Extreme Rambling. He and Zaytoun share a passion about bringing social change to the Palestinian people.

Left to Right: Heather from Zaytoun, Mark Thomas comedian and activist, and Patrick from Islington's Fairtrade Steering Committee.  (not picture is Michael from Islington Borough, also a member of the Streering Committee)

Pictured left to right: Heather Masoud from Zaytoun, Mark Thomas comedian and activist, and Patrick Reyburn from Islington's Fairtrade Group.

Zaytoun representative, Heather Masoud, was present to greet members of the community with free samples of bread to dip in their delicious olive oil and spice za’atar. They were eager to support such a worthy cause as Mark’s work. Zaytoun, which means ‘olive’ in Arabic, is a Fairtrade and Soil Association approved importer of Palestinian produce.  They operate as a growers’ co-operative, and are based in Islington with distribution all over the UK.

Mark Thomas delivered a roomful of laughter and thought provoking humour in which he described his epic journey along the full length of the separation border between Israel and Palestine.  Mark displayed candour and a heartfelt interest in the complicated world that exists there. He described the best meal he has ever had when he spoke of being greeted by an elderly Palestinian woman after a long day’s walk. As a stranger, she welcomed him into her home for tea and food. Her generosity was relived with many of the people Mark met along his way, who opened up their homes and shared their stories.

There will be another performance by Mark Thomas at the Pleasance Theatre on Tuesday December 14th.  This material is a build up to his national tour beginning in January 2011 along with the release of a book and DVD of his journey. The upcoming tour is sponsored by both the Fairtrade Foundation and War on Want.

For information on getting involved in future Islington Fairtrade Group events please contact fairtrade@islington.gov.uk

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