Debate: Does Fairtrade have a future? -17th Nov

7pm-9pm, Thursday 17th November
St Martin’s Church, Mortimer Road, London NW10 5SN

  • Is the Fairtrade model still a good one?
  • Why not a Fairtrade label for manufactured goods?
  • Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade: are two labels needed?
  • Why do we need the Fairtrade Sourcing Programme?
  • Workers’ wages and rights raised by the critical SOAS report in 2014 “Fairtrade, Employment and Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia and Uganda”
  • What is the future of ethical certification?
  • How should Fairtrade respond to the proliferation of schemes?


  • Anne Cooper, Oxfam
  • Barbara Crowther, Fairtrade Foundation
  • Stuart Singleton-White, Rainforest Alliance
  • Vidya Rangan, ISEAL: global movement of sustainability standards

Free admission:
7pm Refreshments and Fairtrade stall for early Christmas shopping (cash/cheque only)
7:30pm Speakers and discussion