Fairtrade London

London became a Fairtrade City on 23rd October 2008, and we are proud to be part of the Fairtrade Towns movement.

Q: What makes London a Fairtrade City?

A: You do!

London’s status as the world’s largest Fairtrade City is because of the individuals, community organisations, businesses, schools, universities, colleges, faith groups, Councils and London-wide bodies that have made a public commitment to supporting and using products with the FAIRTRADE Mark. So thank you to everyone who has made Fairtrade more visible and available across the capital. Being a Fairtrade City is a strong signal to the rest of the world that Londoners want trade to work for people and the planet.

Here’s a review in pictures of Fairtrade London’s activities in 2011 (ppt 4MB).

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Boris Johnson, Mayor of London:

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London“London is the gastronomic capital of the world. More and more of the fabulous produce available is Fairtrade certified, from the coffee at City Hall to the bananas in your weekly shop.  In 2012, millions of visitors will be flocking to London for the greatest show on earth – the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is an enormous opportunity to showcase our Fairtrade credentials. The London 2012 Organising Committee is taking up the baton and has instructed its suppliers and contractors to only supply tea, coffee, sugar and bananas that are Fairtrade.  London is always at the forefront of any major trend and I applaud those who have worked so hard to make Fairtrade so prominent in London. My message to Londoners is next time you are out shopping, make your choice a Fairtrade one.”

Sophi Tranchell, Chair of the Fairtrade  London campaign:

Sophi Tranchell“Now London has achieved Fairtrade City status we can really stake our claim as the Fairtrade Capital of the World. We are proud to play our part in tipping the balance of trade in favour of producers but we recognise that there is so much more to be done and we hope that people all over London will continue to do their bit by joining their local campaign and getting their schools and workplaces to stock more Fairtrade marked products.”