Cafédirect Coffee Masterclass – Hackney

February 25th, 2019 Comments off

6pm-8pm, Thursday 28th March 2019
Cafédirect Roastery, Unit 4, Bayford Business Centre, Bayford Street, E8 3SE

This Coffee Masterclass is kindly being hosted by Cafédirect, one of the first Fairtrade & BCorp certified coffee companies, in order to raise funds for ActionAid. All of the ticket price (£25) will be going to a specific building project, that supports women & girls in Burundi, Kenya. Find out more about this project here.

Hosted in Cafédirect’s own roastery in London Fields, you will be given a special tour of the roastery and learn a little about the cherry to cup process. Led by one of Cafédirect’s Q graders in coffee, you will also discover the art of how to taste coffee properly (without milk) and will be able to sample fresh batches from a variety of different origins! The ticket price includes taking home a bag of Cafédirect coffee expertly hand-roasted by our Q graders. Snacks will be provided. Players have to remember that free bonus no deposit casino UK offer is good reward for casino players, but it is still a marketing tool. Casino operators want to attract and engage always new players, but they sill want too protect their business. That is why every player have to read very carefully casino bonus conditions and requirements.

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The Fairtrade Experience – Leytonstone

February 23rd, 2019 Comments off

2pm-4pm, Saturday 9th March 2019
Community Hall, St. John’s Church, High Street Leytonstone, E11 1HH

Come along to explore what fairness means to you and the people who produce our food.

By chatting in our pop up cafe, playing giant snakes and ladders, shopping for Fairtrade goods, and immersing yourself in a virtual reality Fairtrade farm! Today everyone can play as free online slots for fun either real money slots at almost every casino operator. And online casino slot games are divided into many diffirent categories, but often players can win millions.

From 3pm we will be showing films and our panel will debate how fairness can be a part of our everyday culture.

Is Fairtrade political?

December 11th, 2018 Comments off

On 8th December Fairtrade activists from Harrow, Brent, Ealing, Hounslow, Richmond and Kingston, led by the Harrow Fairtrade Campaign, met in Portcullis House, Westminster, hosted by Neil Coyle, MP for Bermondsey & Old Southwark.

The topic for discussion was ‘Is Fairtrade political?’ and the answer was a resounding ‘yes’.

Mr Coyle addressed the meeting at the start. He commented: “Yes Fairtrade is political. Fairtrade has always been political. It took years of campaigners’ hard graft to win more ethical trading. We must defend the hard fought wins and continue working together to win better terms for farmers in all countries as well as more ethically sourced products for UK consumers.”

With 22 people present, including many with direct experience of conditions in countries such as Ghana and Barbados, a lively debate followed.

Some of the key points were:

• Fairtrade is a great way that farmers of products such as cocoa can gain a fair income from their work through forming a more personal link to consumers in London who consciously support them by buying products with the Fairtrade logo. In the case of Divine chocolate, farmers do even better as they own 44% of the company and therefore benefit from dividends and an allocation of 2% of turnover as well. Here you will get to know how to claim free spins bonuses or which casinos pay attention to. We will focus on casino bonuses with free spins, for example 50 free spins no deposit.

• Fairtrade needs to broaden its range of products further and to move into manufactured goods.

• Fairtrade cannot do everything – governments in producing countries need to be more ambitious, encouraging producers to move up the supply chain into manufacturing.

• The UK Government in turn needs to put the needs of producers living in poverty at the heart of international trade agreements.

• Fairtrade requires a long term approach, for example seeking the support of Borough Councils through their procurement policies. The Fairtrade Olympics of 2012 were an example of the success of this approach.

• Fairtrade’s focus on education is another rewarding long term approach, so that future citizens demand greater fairness in trade.

The conclusion was a shared sense that Fairtrade is indeed political, as it is about power. The present system of world trade serves the interests of rich and powerful companies and countries better than the interests of the farmers and primary producers on whom we all depend.

Sophi Tranchell, CEO of Divine Chocolate and Chair of Fairtrade London commented: “It is a sign of success that Fairtrade is sometimes criticised for being political. It shows that it has challenged the unjust status quo of the world’s trade system.”

The Fair Trade Charter

October 1st, 2018 Comments off

The World Fair Trade Organisation and Fairtrade International have launched an International Fair Trade Charter, supported by more than 250 diverse organisations, which sets down the fundamental values of Fair Trade and defines a common vision towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Read and support the International Fair Trade Charter

Venue for Ealing Fairtrade Group summer social

June 27th, 2018 Comments off

summer flowers

summer flowers

We’re looking for a venue in the borough of Ealing for a social, preferably free or low-cost …. Any suggestions?

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight!

March 6th, 2018 Comments off

Meet the people at the heart of Fairtrade – the Fairtrade farmers and workers. The people behind some of our favourite food and drinks.

In the words of Fairtrade banana farmer Diomedes, “Fairtrade is freedom, it’s communication, it’s sustainability, it’s empowerment, it’s everything for us in a world that’s so competitive”.

Come on in and hear the stories of the Fairtrade farmers.

Wanted: Fairtrade stories for a possible new magazine

February 1st, 2018 Comments off

We are hoping to launch a magazine dedicated to fair, ethical and sustainable news, products and activity.


Magazines shot by Laura Truscott

We are looking for stories and items for the web-only version which might become a printed free-to-pick up magazine.

We are also looking for calendar items.

Please send pictures with credits.


Supporting Ealing Fairtrade Group.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

December 8th, 2017 Comments off

Monday 26 February to Sunday 11 March

In 2018, we’re asking you to ‘come on in to Fairtrade’ to stand with farmers and close the door on exploitation.

Invite others to your Fairtrade Fortnight events and show them the difference that Fairtrade can make.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

Sainsbury quits Fairtrade?

May 26th, 2017 Comments off

Sainsbury’s have announced that from June 2017 most of their own-brand tea range, including Red Label tea, will not longer carry the Fairtrade Mark and will instead be sold as ‘fairly traded’ under their own in-house sustainability standard.

This is a ‘pilot’ and they have made it clear they intend to extend this approach to other products. We are faced with the very real prospect that Sainsbury’s will withdraw entirely from using Fairtrade certification for its own label products, including bananas, coffee, chocolate and flowers.

This would be a blow for the Fairtrade movement. Sainsbury’s currently has the biggest sales of Fairtrade Marked goods in the world and has long been a Fairtrade leader in the supermarket sector.

The Fairtrade Foundation was invited to partner with the new Sainsbury’s Foundation pilot in tea, but did not take up the offer due to concerns that it falls below the core principles of Fairtrade.

A major concern is that the new scheme will take control away from producers, the new ‘Fairly Traded Social Premium’ will be housed and managed by the Sainsbury’s Foundation. Farmers and workers will only be able to access these funds if they are successful in applying for grant funding for investment following project proposals.

“We told Sainsbury’s loud and clear: your model will bring about disempowerment. We are extremely concerned about the power and control that Sainsbury’s seeks to exert over us. We work for, OWN our product and OWN our premium. We see the proposed approach as an attempt to replace the autonomous role which Fairtrade brings and replace it with a model which no longer balances the power between producers and buyers.”
– Open letter from tea producers of the East and Central Africa and Southern Africa Networks of Fairtrade Africa


Send Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe an email via Global Justice Now

Sign the petition to Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe

Contact Mike Coupe directly by email

Tweet Sainsbury at @Sainsburys

Send a letter to Mike Coupe: Mr Mike Coupe, Chief Executive, J Sainsbury’s, Sainsbury’s Store Support Centre, 33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT

Statements from other organisations:

Sainsbury’s announcement
An open letter to Sainsbury’s from Fairtrade producers
Fairtrade Foundation statement on their withdrawal from proposed partnership with Sainsbury’s
Traidcraft statement on Sainsbury’s announcement of a pilot ‘Fairly Traded’ tea programme
Divine Chocolate statement regarding the announcement that Sainsbury’s is switching from Fairtrade certification to its own “fairly traded” programme
Oxfam reaction to Sainsbury’s launch of Fairly Traded pilot project
Fairtrade Foundation FAQs about Sainsbury’s Foundation and Fairtrade

Article by John Vidal in Guardian:

Move by UK supermarkets threatens to bring Fairtrade crashing down

Fashion Revolution Week

March 31st, 2017 Comments off

Fashion Revolution Week runs from 24th-30th April 2017, and commemorates the anniversary of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse.

“Fashion Revolution is a global movement calling for greater transparency in the fashion industry. We want to see a radical change in the way that clothing is produced, sourced and consumed so that fashion is much cleaner, safer and fairer for everybody and the environment too.”
– Nikki Mattei, Fashion Revolution

The clothing industry touches everybody’s lives and is a truly global industry with massive social and environmental impact. Fashion Revolution calls on all of us to be curious about our clothes, the people who made them and the brands and retailers who can make things better.

A summary of education resources for young people around Fashion Revolution Week

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