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Ealing’s Divine Fairtrade

February 25th, 2015 Comments off

On 24th February Divine’s amazing chocolate van visited Greenford High School to promote Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight. As well as sampling their array of delicious chocolates, students were able to purchase a bar from their huge selection- which included white chocolate and strawberries, toffee and sea salt and dark chocolate and chili and orange to name but a few. The students hugely enjoyed and appreciated the quirky van and learnt about Ghana– where most of Divine’s cocoa comes from.

Greenford High School is pursuing FairAware Status currently and this visit helped a lot!

The van then went on to Ealing Town Hall where it was open to council staff and the public, and it was very successful there too.

Greenford High School students and staff learning about Fairtrade from Divine Van!

Greenford High School students and staff learning about Fairtrade from Divine Van!

It then made a stop at Ealing Town hall with equal success!

It then made a stop at Ealing Town hall with equal success!

Goodbye to Dubble

June 3rd, 2014 Comments off

Boys with giant dubble bar
In 2000 – on children’s BBC TV – Jennifer Saunders announced a competition to create a new kind of chocolate treat. And Dubble was born: the brilliant Fairtrade chocolate bar brand created by kids, for kids. After 14 years, this trailblazing bar is bowing out.

Dubble was the result of a partnership between two London-based organisations: Comic Relief and Divine Chocolate.

Dubble bounced its way into the world and immediately went about making friends, telling its story, and charming and inspiring a nation of schoolchildren, teachers and retailers alike.

It was an irresistible chunky milk chocolate bar with a great big crunch – and added Comic Relief – and it started introducing the UK to the world behind chocolate: the sub-tropical rainforests of West Africa, the lives of the cocoa farmers, the extraordinary journey from bean to bar, and an insight into how the world of cocoa trading works.

Harry Hill with Dubble

With incredible support from people in high places – including MPs, celebrities, bishops and retailers – Dubble has reached thousands of young people, inspired them to think about the power they wield as consumers, and put them directly in touch with their contemporaries in the cocoa farming villages of Ghana.

Dubble was launched alongside a nationwide Comic Relief education project with ‘Pa Pa Paa’ teaching packs sent out to 15,000 schools. A nationwide survey had shown that only 39% of 7-14 year olds had heard of Fairtrade and the teaching packs used the popularity of chocolate to change that.  ‘Pa pa paa’ is the motto of the Ghanaian cocoa farmers who grow the cocoa for Dubble bars and means ‘best of the best’ in their local Twi  language.

Teachers found that Pa Pa Paa was a brilliant way to engage young people in Fairtrade and once young people knew the difference buying Fairtrade could make to the lives of cocoa farmers, they wanted to use their positive pester power for good – to get Dubble and other Fairtrade products stocked in their local shops.  Over 50,000 young and young at heart campaigners signed up to the Dubble Agent community and shared their passion for chocolate, Fairtrade and changing the world chunk by chunk.

When we started out, putting the concept in front of buyers, it was just that – a concept! Pretty much everyone said it was impossible and we didn’t even have the finished bar ready yet! Divine Chocolate Ltd was still a start-up operation and we were operating on tiny marketing budgets.  But buyers as diverse as Palmer & Harvey, the Co-op, Oxfam, Traidcraft, Shell, Whistlestop, Blockbusters and Budgens agreed Dubble tasted great and took a chance on the novel appeal of a Fairtrade bar with ‘added Comic Relief’. So Dubble got its toe in the door and took Fairtrade to places it had never been before – the mainstream!

Support Fairtrade! Juliana Danso lo resFast-forward 14 years – 11 million Dubble bars later – and the chocolate market has transformed: now 21% of chocolate sales in the UK are Fairtrade. That is fantastic news for farmers and ultimately what Dubble set out to achieve as part of the overall Divine Chocolate mission to catalyse the chocolate industry and show that Fairtrade chocolate could be both delicious, affordable and popular.

So for Dubble it is now Mission Complete. But never fear chocolate lovers – Divine Chocolate will continue to delight your taste buds with delicious Divine chocolate bars in so many flavours.

Meanwhile the educational charity, Trading Visions, set up to continue the ground breaking education work initiated by Dubble and Comic Relief, will continue to inspire teachers and students to learn about Fairtrade in new ways. Children can tune in to the unique Pa Pa Paa LIVE webcast service for schools with a monthly themed webcast filmed by the Ghanaian children of Kuapa Kokoo farmers who co-own Divine Chocolate Ltd.  This is a virtual field trip ‘by kids for kids’ who are linked across continents by a powerful chocolate connection.

Thanks in a large part to Dubble and Pa Pa Paa, over 79% of 7-14 year olds have now heard of Fairtrade and a whole generation of children has grown up to understand that they can demand more of business and a fair deal for cocoa growers.  Sounds dubbly good to me!


Divine Pop Up Shop in Covent Garden is back for Fairtrade Fortnight!

March 2nd, 2014 Comments off

Devine Chocolate will be back in London’s Seven Dials with their pop-up shop and a programme of great events. Read more


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