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London Coffee Festival – 3-6 April

April 4th, 2014 Comments off
Thursday 3rd – Sunday 6th of April
15 Hanbury Street, The Old Truman Brewery, London E1 6QR<

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Greenford Library gets a Fairtrade make-over!

May 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Greenford Library, in the London Borough of Ealing, supported World Fairtrade Day in May with a display of leaflets and brochures we supplied, along with the following books:

Fair Trade, The challenges of transforming globalization Laura T. Haynolds (9780415772037)
This book looks at the way Fair Trade links food consumers and agricultural producers across the world and lies at the heart of key efforts to reshape the global economy. This book reveals the challenges the movement faces in its effort to transform globalization, emphasizing the problems in working both in, and against, the market.

Fair Trade J. DeCarlo (9781851685219)
Grounded in the inspiring power of Fair Trade as a positive alternative to poverty, environmental destruction, and human exploitation, this enlightening book explains how we can make a difference.

Is Fair Trade Fair? E. Valiente-Riedl E. (9780230308152)
This book takes a look at Fairtrade values and markets.

The Fair Trade Revolution J. Bowes (9780745330785)
Written by the leading lights of the Fair Trade movement, including Harriet Lamb (Executive Director of the Fairtrade Foundation) and Bruce Crowther (Establisher of the world’s first Fair Trade Town) this book will inspire activists and consumers to keep making the right choices.

The Fairtrade Everyday Cookbook Novis C. (9781405355513)
An everyday cookbook showing how easy it is to buy, cook and eat Fairtrade foods – for people who care where their food comes from! A mouth-watering cookbook of fantastic Fairtrade recipes, each featuring the most important ingredient of all: they are made with produce that is seeded, nurtured and provided by farmers and suppliers getting a better, fairer deal for their work.

Fair Trade? A. Cooper (9780749655211)
This series discusses current world issues, promoting a greater understanding of global issues. Encourages readers to make their own decisions, to voice their opinion and discuss this with others.

Food Tech at Greenford High School

April 5th, 2013 Comments off
Display at Greenford High School

Fairtrade branded apron

Fairtrade branded apron

Display at Greenford High School

The Design and Technology Department at Greenford High School have continued to support Fairtrade by setting up an eye-catching Fairtrade display in their new Food technology classroom. All pupils studying food tech. have Fairtrade ingredients highlighted on their recipes each week- which shows the students that they can select the Fairtrade version of the product. Each week, Fairtade will be even more prominent in the classroom as we have supplied the teacher with a stylish apron, explicitly branded with the Fairtrade logo and colours (modelled here).