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Join us for Ealing Fairtrade Group’s meeting on Tuesday 19 June – 6.45pm

June 14th, 2018 Comments off

We will be meeting in the Northolt Leisure Library, Eastcote Ln North, Northolt, London UB5 4AB. Join us and find out how you can help us kick-start activity across London Borough of Ealing. We welcome you whatever your age, whether you are a resident or employee, or business or student, and whether you’re new to volunteering. We look forward to seeing you. Please let us know if you are coming or get in touch with queries to email

Double celebration in London borough of Ealing

March 22nd, 2013 Comments off

During Fairtrade Fortnight, the Ealing Fairtrade Group held a double celebration – 10 years as a group and 5 years as a Fairtrade London borough.  Fairtrade supporters from across London joined the Mayor of Ealing and local councillors, campaigners, trade unionists and students to celebrate the achievements of the volunteer group.

Guest speaker, Frank Olok, of the Malawi Fairtrade Network described how Fairtrade has transformed the lives of smallholder farmers in Malawi.  As well as guaranteeing a fair and stable price for their products, Frank explained that the farmers also receive an additional sum of money, the Fairtrade Premium.  This has enabled them to improve their communities by, for example, constructing school buildings and bringing clean, piped water to their villages.

Frank said that an important aspect of Fairtrade is that it brings producer and consumer closer together, and suggested to the Mayor that a link be made between Ealing  and Blantyre in Malawi, so that the two communities could establish an ongoing relationship based on Fairtrade.

The evening began with music from student flautist Sarah Peter Sorencen, and ended with folk music from local band Oddfellas.  Messages of congratulations and support were sent from some of the hundreds of other Fairtrade towns, cities, boroughs and villages from around the country.  Haworth in Yorkshire said “Be proud that you are part of this massive social movement changing the way the world values products and producers”.

The group now needs to renew its Fairtrade Status by agreeing a plan of activities for the next two years.  Anyone wishing to contribute can find out more at or email

The Big Fairtrade Lunch – energise your day with Fairtrade!

July 29th, 2010 Comments off

Sunday 18th July celebrated people, communities and food at Big Lunch street parties across the UK.  Annually, the Big Lunch is a bring-your-own, open-air party giving everyone a chance to get to know their neighbours, share food and have fun.

As Britain celebrated its local communities, the Fairtrade Foundation called on people to make Fairtrade part of The Big Lunch near them or to organize their own Big Fairtrade Lunch. By making Fairtrade part of the Big Lunch, we also celebrate communities across the world and empower farmers in developing countries to create their own brighter and more sustainable future through a better trade deal.   

For Fabulous Big Fairtrade Lunch ideas and “Mouth watering recipes using Fairtrade ingredients” to help make Fairtrade a part of your lunches now and in the future, click  here

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