Fairtrade Borough Renewals

proofreading online freeAlthough usually the culmination of a long campaign, becoming a Fairtrade Borough is the first step in a bigger journey.

It is important that the campaign continues to gain momentum, obtain commitments from new organisations, and increases understanding across the community.

While the criteria for becoming a Fairtrade Borough are quite prescriptive, local campaigns have more freedom to decide how they renew their commitment. Renewals are required one year after status is achieved and following that, once every two years.

In order to renew their Fairtrade status, local campaigns submit an Action Plan in which they determine their own goals and targets for their forthcoming activities.

Renewing Fairtrade Town Status Guide on Fairtrade Foundation website

Here are some example Fairtrade Borough Action Plans:

Lewisham Fairtrade Borough Action Plan 2011
Camden Fairtrade Network Action Plan 2013
Fairtrade Borough Action Plan 2015-2017